The LoftLerchenfeldergurtel 37, 1160, Vienna,Austria

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The Loft is a low-key club in Vienna with sick music programming and a cool crowd spread over 2 levels [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

The Loft is a cool little club not too far from the middle of Vienna that brings in a tonne of different genres and satisfies a music-focused local crowd. The venue itself is nothing over the top - it looks a little run-down, but it does the job - the space is large enough and the sound is pretty good - reasonably big and bassy although both the upstairs and downstairs systems are a bit muddy in the middle.

The interior is what it is - the ceilings are low, the walls are dirty and smothered with graffiti - not such a big deal as they also make way for LED installations and art depending on who’s taking the night over. There are 2 main levels to The Loft, with a cool basement area downstairs with its own bar as well as the main room at the top, alongside a cafe-style chill out room out the front which keeps it fresh. As far as smoking goes - this is one area where Vienna (and Austria in general) fails hard - everyone smokes inside, so if you hate cigarettes you don’t really have a choice - although smokers will dig not having to run outside to light up.

The drinks are cheap and cold - standard Euro beers for a good price. The Loft brings in a diverse range of music - everything from Reggae through to Minimal House and even Dubstep and D’n’B. The crowd is generally low-key and under-dressed (which is not that unusual for Vienna) - they’re not too fashion-focused, more about enjoying the music and checking out some of the very cool crews that come here to play bleeding edge club tracks. The vibe is chilled and laid-back, with the excitement coming when the DJ drops something heavy or unexpected. Overall The Loft is a cool spot to check out some new Electronic music and keep it chilled in Vienna.

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