PratersaunaWaldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020, Vienna,Austria

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Pratersauna is like a giant, awesome house-party. Doubling as an independent art-haven, it plays host to massive poolside parties and also boasts a very cool crowd [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

Billed as a ‘social life and art space’, Pratersauna is a cool spot in Vienna that bridges the gap between art and music - much like Village Underground in London and both Lo-Fi and Oxford Art Factory in Sydney’s Oxford Street. The scene attracts a mixed bag of students, alternative types, and a whole assortment of funky, trashy, trendy kids in vintage sweaters and tight jeans along with some hard-partying out-of-towners. The premise is simple - Pratersauna sticks to it roots (no pun intended - Pratersauna used to be a ‘sweat’n’bang’ sauna for adventurous locals) and looks a bit like a youth club gone mad. During the day it doubles as a sunny poolside lounge, and Pratersauna is also perfect as a contemporary art space that accommodates up-and-coming artists.

Situated next to the Prater, Vienna’s massive amusement park (think a mini-Disneyland with bratwurst), Pratersauna has a pretty cool location and is close to a tube station so it’s not too hard to find. The staff are nice and the beers are cheap and cold, nothing over the top but just the thing to sip on in between raucous sets of filthy Electro (Designer Drugs rocked the house when Best Clubs In was there). The interior is a huge L-shaped space on the ground level with a large pool and garden out the back - it feels so much like a party at the cool kid’s house it’s ridiculous - the patio is perfect for mingling with the crowd, and during the summer months Pratersauna really opens up, with the whole space, garden and all.

The soundsystem is cool, lots of warmth in the bass and some old-school mids, nice sound that doesn’t pierce the ears and does justice to the club tracks that guest DJs smash to a full house of admiring 20-somethings. All-in-all Pratersauna does what it does with style, bringing in top artists and making sure that you get a classic house party vibe with a few hundred of your closest friends. Events during the weekdays are cool, but if you want to see it get really out of control make sure you hit it on a Friday or Saturday night.

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