Camera ClubNeubaugasse 2, 1070, Vienna,Austria

Website Phone(1) 523-3063
  • Music StylesHouse, Techno, Prog House, Electro, Drum'n'Bass
  • Opening HoursThurs, Fri, Sat: 10pm - 6am
  • Accepts Credit Cards?
  • Busy Nights Thurs, Fri, Sat
  • Transport / ParkingU3 at Neubaugasse
  • Average Entry Cost€10
  • Dress CodeMixed
  • Guest List?Yes
  • VIP / Bday PackagesNo

Camera Club is a classic club in Vienna that promises a good vibe, down for anything crowd and some of the best electronic music in the city [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

Camera Club is a legendary underground nightclub in Vienna that brings the best in EDM and Techno to the heart of the shopping district. Over the years it's reputation has oscillated between fame and notoriety, but one things for sure - if you dig electronic music, big nights and partying at the best clubs around the world, you have to put Camera on your to-do list.

Located right next to Neubaugasse station, Camera Club is super easy to get to. A big sign out the front lets you know you've arrived, and once you're past the bouncers and down the stairs you'll find a large space with 2 main rooms, a couple of bars and some very good music.

The interior is big and wide-open, with light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in the main room, a raised stage for the DJ decks and lots of really good seating, with a space next to the bar as well as a raised seating area up on side that has dedicated booths, perfect for chilling out in between sets or having a chat. The space is moody and low-key, placing the focus right on the music, and the sound quality is good with Electronic beat punching through without being overwhelming. A large screen sits behind the decks, and alongside the lighting display most DJ's at Camera Club have VJ's playing alongside, which adds to the spectacle.

You can expect to find an excitable crowd at Camera Club - it doesn't attract the posh types, so you'll get a lot of EDM lovers, big time clubbers (it stays open till 6am) and clubbing tourists that want to know what all the fuss is about. There are regular nights each week as well as big-name DJ's that come through, but you can be sure you'll get your fix of Minimal House, Techno, Prog House and everything in-between.

The prices are reasonable, with beers setting you back around €4, and the staff are helpful and fun. The best nights here are Thurs through Sat, with Saturday nights really taking the cake, bringing in big crowds. It's good for a dance with a well-sized dancefloor, and if the main-room gets a bit too hectic for you there's another club space in the back with different music, its own bar and a cool vibe.

Camera Club is a must do. The vibe has changed a bit over the years, but it's a workhorse that is always going to bring a certain level of clubbing to the weekend. If you're a champagne, suits and heels type, you're better off checking out Passage or something similar, but for the EDM heads it's time to say cheese.

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