ArenaBaumgasse 80, A-1030, Vienna,Austria

Website Phone(1) 798-8595
  • Music StylesLive, Mixed, Alternative
  • Opening HoursOpen for Events
  • Accepts Credit Cards?Cash Only
  • Busy Nights Event Nights
  • Transport / ParkingU3 Erdberg / Gasometer
  • Average Entry CostFree - 15€
  • Dress CodeCasual / Mixed / Indie
  • Guest List?Promoter
  • VIP / Bday PackagesNo

Arena is a classic, wide-open space for arts, cultural events, open-air cinema and gigantic club nights from world-class acts [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

Taking over a former slaughterhouse, Arena is like a giant playground for clubbers, alternakids and artists, with an expansive space dotted with large, multi-levelled buildings and wide stages. Old brick and industrial facades are the order of the day, yet everything has been reworked and done-up on the inside so the club rooms are comfortable without being too slick and shiny.

It’s something of a classic space in Vienna, having been around for over 30 years in various guises, and it’s easy to see why it’s so legendary - the vibe on a massive night is epic, with thousands of clubbers descending upon the Arena and popping in and out of the many buildings, multiple levels and hidden spots. The place was a madhouse when Best Clubs In visited, and atmosphere was genuinely unique - each of the 3 main buildings played different music (Drum’n’Bass, Gabba, Minimal Techno, etc), and if you’re easily bored you just need to switch it up to find something new and interesting - both in terms of music and crowd.

In addition to putting on big club nights and live shows, Arena also does a lot of artistic and cultural events, making it a hub for the local creative community and bringing to mind some of Europe’s other large artistic spaces - Village Underground in London and Cassiopeia in Berlin. Like Cassiopeia, Arena also puts on an open-air cinema during the summer, so it’s recommended both for big-time clubbing as well as more chilled-out days and nights.

Although Arena takes up several buildings on the site, the main highlight for nightclubbing is the Great Hall - a giant space with a huge main dancefloor, raised main stage, top-notch sound and a cool mezzanine and outdoor area on the second floor which looks out over the madness below. The Small Hall is smaller but also cool, and each building comes with its own bar.

Make your way via train at night and at first you may wonder what the hell is going on. Don’t freak out - stay the course through a quiet section and a couple of turns and all of a sudden you’ll find Arena looming over you. The hundreds of clubbers lined up, the thump of sub bass and the electricity in the air are signs that you’ve finally arrived at one of the coolest spots in Vienna. Enjoy.

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