Pacha NYC618 West 46th Street, New York, 10036,U.S.A.

Website Phone(212) 209-7500
  • Music StylesHouse, Electro, Dubstep, Trance, Techno
  • Opening HoursFri: 10pm - 6am
    Sat: 10pm - 10am
  • Accepts Credit Cards?Yes
  • Busy Nights Fri, Sat
  • Transport / Parking50 St (A, C, E)
    42 St. PA Bus Terminal (A, C, E)
  • Average Entry Cost$10 - $40 / Tickets
  • Dress CodeClub / Mixed
  • Guest List?Yes
  • VIP / Bday PackagesVIP Tables / Boxes / Bday

Pacha NYC is 4-levels of pure clubbing madness with a heavy focus on bringing in the best DJs in the world to smash it for New York [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

Pacha NYC is yet another of the clubbing superbrand's colonies (like Pacha London for example), taking up 4 levels of a large building and filling it with the world's best DJ's, a massive Dynacord sound-system and thousands of dedicated clubbers.

Consistently voted in the Top 100 Clubs in the World by DJ Mag, it's easy to see why Pacha NYC makes the grade: it manages to find a balance between an exclusive vibe and a proper, music-focused nightclub, something that's not easy to do in the current VIP-dominated New York club scene. With each level there's also a distinct change in vibe, so a night here can feel bigger than usual - changing floors brings a new mix of people and music, which is also cool when you come with a group who are looking for different things.

The interior is sleek and modern, with polished wooden floors and some really nice flourishes, and the layout is pretty cool. From the classic ground floor Main Room with a spacious dancefloor and ridiculous LED lighting kit-out, through to the VIP Mezzanine that overlooks it, each level has its own bar, decks and seating. The top levels are a bit smaller but still cater to a few hundred people each, and where you hang is probably gonna be dictated by the DJs playing. Even though the space is pretty large, it's guaranteed to get packed out, and with so many people switching between floors it can get a bit hot and sweaty. This is definitely not the most romantic place in the world either, so it's probably not the place for a first date...

The crowd is super-mixed - something that's common to Pacha all around the world, and you'll find hardcore clubbers, nightlife tourists, hipsters, and more all getting wasted on the dancefloor to the same club tracks, each in their own little world. Pacha NYC is also one of the only clubs in NYC that does nights for 19+ (rather than the standard 21+), so a lot of newbies to the club scene break their clubbing cherry here(...sorry:).

Careful if you're on a budget - Pacha NYC isn't the cheapest place in the world, with beers heading towards double digits and mixed drinks in their teens. If, however, you just got paid and want to live it up, you can always do bottle service and get your P.I.M.P. on. The bottom-line is that Pacha NYC brings in the world's best DJs. If you want to hear the best, out of one of the best systems in the city - this is the spot.

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