Chaise Lounge105 Queen Street, Melbourne, 3000,AUSTRALIA

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Chaise Lounge is an award-winning basement-bar with a lush, comfortable interior, great drinks and a cool, unpretentious vibe [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

The Chaise Lounge is an award-winning basement bar that serves brilliant cocktails and entertains a mixed crowd with luxurious interior-design. Rich crimson walls and plush couches, antique chairs and velvety chaise lounges adorn a room that provides a romantic ambiance with sexy mood lighting and a warm vibe, and as upmarket as it sounds they pull it off with an unpretentious style that's nice and welcoming.

The interior design (described by the team as ‘genie-bottle décor) plays the perfect accompaniment to the top-shelf cocktails here at the Chaise Lounge, with award-winning drinks served at a gilt-edged bar alongside a selection of more than 90 boutique-beers imported from all around the world.The music is groovy and mid-tempo to match the vibe, and it’s more about providing an intimate background rather than being placed front-and-centre. On Friday nights the younger crowd like to hit Chaise Lounge and the genres switch to more upbeat Latin & R'n'B, while on Saturdays the crowd is like the interior - eclectic and mixed, and in-house DJ’s get the party going with 70's, 80's & 90's classics on rotation.

The Chaise Lounge is a great find and definitely a must-see if you’re visiting Melbourne or haven’t had the chance to find one of the gems in your own backyard. The vibe is cool, the drinks are great and the crowd is welcoming.

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