King King6555 Hollywood Blvd, 90028, Los Angeles,U.S.A.

Website Phone(323) 960-9234
  • Music StylesLive, DJ
  • Opening HoursCheck Website for Listings
  • Accepts Credit Cards?VISA / MC
  • Busy Nights Check Website for Listings
  • Transport / ParkingHollywood & Vine
  • Average Entry Cost$5 - $20
  • Dress CodeCasual / Mixed / Indie
  • Guest List?Yes
  • VIP / Bday Packages

King King nightclub in Los Angeles is a back-to-basics nightclub that puts on some of the best (and most eclectic) live performances under the sun [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

King King nightclub does proper club nights of the kind that are hard to find in L.A. outside of Avalon and Vanguard - that is, when they're not putting on some of the most eclectic live performances in the area. King King is a real performance space and supports the arts ranging from dance to theatre through to comedy and straight-out hardcore dance nights including some of the best Drum’n’Bass gigs in the country.

The interior itself is adequate and to-the-point; it’s large and the acoustics are great, and a lot of thought has been put into the main room, with modular stages and seating arrangements. King King has an industrial vibe with exposed brick, black surfaces and high-ceilings, and it’s about as New York as Hollywood gets with dim lighting, heavy velvet curtains and a low-key vibe.

Another great thing about King King nightclub is its door policy - no posers necessary and you don’t have to be one of the first letters of the alphabet to get in. The crowd varies depending on the night but everyone’s here to have a good time and enjoy some great performances - that’s the kind of atmosphere that is hard to find in a lot of Los Angeles nightclubs and it’s always refreshing to forget about who’s watching and just focus on good music and a big night out.

King King is one of those Los Angeles clubs that will split people down the middle - it’s too off-beat for some but if you dig your music and like it a little bit edgy then you’ll love it. Make sure you check out their monthly listings as the line-up is so varied that you can't predict what kind of music / performance you're going to get on any given night.

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