Green Door1429 Ivar Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 90028-8121,U.S.A.

Website Phone(323) 463-0008
  • Music StylesHouse, Hip-Hop, Commercial
  • Opening HoursThu-Sat: 8pm -2 am
  • Accepts Credit Cards?Yes
  • Busy Nights Thurs, Fri, Sat
  • Transport / ParkingHollywood & Vine
  • Average Entry Cost$20
  • Dress CodeLA / Dressy / Clubby
  • Guest List?Yes
  • VIP / Bday PackagesYes / Bottle Service

Green Door is hot, beautiful to look at and very Hollywood. Kind of like the people that come here... [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

Green Door is petite, very pretty and divides people into 2 groups - those who absolutely love it and those that can’t stand how Hollywood it is. Well - it is in Hollywood, right? First things first - this place is stunning to look at and really one of the most beautiful clubs in all of L.A., with plush red velvet lounges, sparkling crystal chandeliers and beautiful antique paintings adorning the roughly textured walls.

The interior is deliberately dim (very dim - watch where you step...) and intimate, and a large classic fireplace crackles in the smokers lounge with an open fire when it’s cold outside. Polished hardwood floors and gilded curtains hanging from the walls all add up to a club that is a pleasure to look at. The music at Green Door is up-and-down depending on the night - when the DJ is on point it’s a blast but occasionally you get a DJ Clueless who puts played-out tracks on heavy rotation. Then again, it’s not the kind of place you go primarily for the music.

Green Door is all about the L.A. vibe and the see-and-be-seen crew, and the crowd here is a good mix of the cool, eclectic and the superficial. There’s a cover charge if you just rock up so it’s best to be on the guest-list, and guys should bring a girl to make sure you have the best chance of making it past the (sometimes) picky bouncers. Once past the door-staff you can enjoy the ride in one of the best clubs in Los Angeles.

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