Bar Lubitsch7702 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, 90046, Los Angeles,U.S.A.

Website Phone(3230 654-1234
  • Music StylesHouse, Hip-Hop, Live
  • Opening HoursMon - Sun: 7pm - 1:30am
  • Accepts Credit Cards?Yes
  • Busy Nights Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Transport / ParkingHollywood / Highland
  • Average Entry CostFree
  • Dress CodeCasual
  • Guest List?No
  • VIP / Bday Packages

Bar Lubitsch is a super-cool bar with a classy interior, good music, a great vibe and over 200 brands of Vodka from all over the world [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

It may be a cliché to say that Russians only drink Vodka, but when it comes to a selection of over 200 different brands of the silver liquid then resorting to stereotypes is not necessarily a bad thing. Bar Lubitsch proudly wears its colours on its sleeve, and those colours are KGB-era red and warm yellows glowing from subdued bar lighting.

The interior is moody and old-school, with a 1950’s / Bogart Casablanca kind of vibe that suits it perfectly. Split into two separate areas each with its own bar and an outdoor patio, there’s plenty of room here and different vibes in each space. Bar Lubitsch also places a lot of pride in its drinks, and with the amazing selection of Vodka as well as great cocktail menu this is the perfect place to chill for a minute and enjoy some quality mixology.

The music at Bar Lubitsch is also very cool, with Live Music alongside some Progressive and Deep House in the mix making a nice change from the L.A. standard of chart-topping Hip-Hop and R’n’B (although quality Hip-Hop does make an appearance). The back room is where most of the action is - the DJ’s drop some underground classics and the vibe is intimate without being stuffy.

The crowd at Bar Lubitsch is slightly older and refined, ranging from mid-20’s to 30’s, and that helps to make the atmosphere energetic but not over-the-top Hollywood wild which is perfect for some. Make sure you head on over - for those in the know this really is one of the best bars in Los Angeles.

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