BerghainAm Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain, 10243 Berlin,Germany

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  • Music StylesTechno, House
  • Opening HoursThu: 8pm - Midnight
    Fri: 11pm - 4am
    Sat: 5am - 10pm, 11pm - 4am
    Sun: 5am - 2am
  • Accepts Credit Cards?Cash Only
  • Busy Nights Fri, Sat, Sun morning
  • Transport / ParkingU1, Warschauer Straße
    Bus 240, Franz-Mehring-Platz
    S5, S7, S3, Ostbahnhof
  • Average Entry Cost$10 - 30
  • Dress CodeThe Right Attitude
  • Guest List?No
  • VIP / Bday PackagesNo

Berghain nightclub is infamous for being the centre of the Techno scene, for a dark, hedonistic vibe and for scaring clubbing newbies straight. Commercial House lovers need not apply. [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

There are a few things you have to ask yourself before indulging in a night out at Berghain nightclub, one of the best nightclubs in the world:

1.) Are you prepared to go as hard as you possibly can for at least 8 hours?

2.) Does the thought of clubbing to hard-edged Techno above a gay sex-dungeon scare you?

3.) Have you seen a sphincter the size of your face?

You don’t have to answer yes to all of the above, just be ready for anything, and don’t say we didn’t warn you...

Famous the world over for being the centre of the Techno scene (along with the almighty Tresor), for having an ultra-hedonistic vibe and boasting one of the hardest door policies in the history of mankind, Berghain nightclub is kind of like the Mount Everest of nightclubs. It looks like a prison from the outside (it’s a refurbed power plant), and when it comes to getting in some men will crumble, while others will rise to the occasion.

Once you’re inside Berghain and start going upstairs you'll hear a drone of insanity, which is super-ominous, especially since the building itself is so f*cking big. You get to the main nightclub dancefloor, which plays intense Techno. It’s awesomely designed, with a brutal, minimal theme of chunky blocks of concrete and steel dominating the space. You see a bunch of wooden cubbies hidden behind curtains off to the side of the main club rooms. There are people doing all sorts of stuff in there. There are also the notorious gay (mostly) sex dungeon rooms downstairs at Berghain, which may or may not be your vibe.

Going further up into Panorama Bar the vibe switches; the music is House and Electro for the most part, and it has a cool, big bar with a good-sized dance floor. One wall is made-up entirely of venetian blinds (which pop open when it gets really light out, to freak out the crowd big time), and graphic, blown-up photographs on the wall, but it’s a good place to switch up the atmosphere if downstairs starts to freak you out.

The vibe at Berghain nightclub is different on each level with lots of people having an extremely stimulating time, drenched in sweat, drinking "Club Maté" (a very addictive local natural energy drink). It literally takes days to recover from clubbing at Berghain.

Music-wise at Berghain (like a lot of Berlin nightclubs) you'll hear pounding Techno, Minimal Techno, Detroit and straight Tech-House in the main level, with House & Electro upstairs at Panorama Bar, so if it gets a bit heavy for you take a break up there to chill-out.

Berghain nightclub does Friday and Saturday nights, and goes all the way through the day and into the evening on Sunday, and knowing when the peak hours hit is useful as you can expect an insanely long line from about 2 am till 5 am. It helps if you’re on a Berghain guestlist, (you'll still have to pay but no queue). Best Clubs In suggests the best time to go to avoid lines / listen to cool sh!t is Sunday morning, 8 am and later on (it's open till 10pm Sunday night and the Minimal Tech purists go during the day). You'll still see people munting out, but there's a beer garden where you can chill.

Reviewed by Anton Benois for Best Clubs In. Check out Anton's designs here:

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