TrouwWibautstraat 127, 1091 GL Amsterdam,Netherlands

Website Phone+31 (0) 20-463-7788
  • Music StylesHouse, Techno
  • Opening HoursFri - Sat: 11pm - 5am
    Sun: 6pm - 3am
  • Accepts Credit Cards?No (only in restaurant)
  • Busy Nights Fri, Sat
  • Transport / ParkingMetro-Wilbaustraat
  • Average Entry CostFree - €15
  • Dress CodeMixed, Club
  • Guest List?Yes
  • VIP / Bday PackagesNo VIP / Bdays

Trouw in Amsterdam has turned a converted warehouse into an entertainment abuzz zone with the Electro scene's biggest name rocking inside an awe-inspiring interior [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

Run by a hard-hitting team who were previously behind the Electro mecca Club 11, Trouw club is a converted warehouse that has spawned a gnarly entertainment zone from the remains of an old printing press. Only a cheap taxi ride away from Amsterdam's main nightclub districts of Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein (home to Studio 80), Trouw manages to keep alive the classic Dutch ‘warehouse rave scene’ of the old skool in a contemporary, relevant and, most importantly, legal way.

Once beyond the door peeps presiding over quite a strict door policy, the interior of Trouw nightclub is an industrial labyrinth that brings on a wave of utter amazement. Smoking areas and cloakrooms have been neatly expertly assembled downstairs like factory convention booths. Whilst walking up the steel staircases you feel like you are more heading up onto the flight deck of a NASA hangar rather than into one of the a best nightclubs in Amsterdam. Once at the top the surprisingly good acoustics of the warehouse hit you as the jet engines of Trouw’s soundsystem roar towards a thunderous liftoff.

A large strip of bedlam occupies most of Trouw club's space that is the main dance-floor, whilst a bobbing speck at the end of the large hall can just be recognized as the DJ alongside his entourage of strobes, lasers and smoke. Arguably the best dance floor in the Netherlands, if you have not packed your boogieing attire for a big night at Trouw, then a venue change may be on the cards (you could always try AIR or Canvas nightclub).

The bars running parallel on either side of the dance-floor serve cheap beer and spirits – further keeping the ‘underground warehouse party’ feel alive, whilst modern neon and pop-art solidify the contemporary European club vibe. A predominately House & Techno nightclub, Trouw's music policy bounces around big name DJs such as Boys Noize, Junior Boys, Azari & III and Joris Voorn through to underground and up-and-coming local acts – which is a testament to the great team they have running the venue.

Trouw is not a club for the faint-of-heart, however, if you still want to catch it without going nuts on the dance-floor a trip to the top-deck to look down over the club and sip a cocktail might be the thing. You can even make a fashionably early arrival and dine at Trouw’s evening restaurant. For the rest of us braveheart’s be prepared to feel a magnetic wave of awe, find yourself going bonkers in the locker-rooms and being strapped in for one helluva radical ride.

Review by Nick Saw

Seasons Entertainment PR & Marketing Manager

Fakeclub Head PR

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